Couples Counseling / Psychotherapy

Your authentic self can accomplish what your old stories won’t. The guiding principles of our work together will be curiosity and trust. By staying curious we avoid leaping to conclusions and you can learn to keep the old stories about your problems from limiting your new understanding. Trust includes both being vulnerable — and the essential element of hope.

The branching tree above with its deep roots suggests how I work with couples and individuals to nurture new understanding. This image is more meaningful to me than paragraphs of explanation, or an alphabet soup of abbreviations.

I use emotion-focused, somatic and psychodynamic approaches. I am trained in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). If you would like to know more about how we will work together, please email me or call 707-861-0441.

I accept Medi-Cal insurance through Beacon/Partnership.

101 Morris St., Suite 207, Sebastopol, CA. Directions and Map


Couples Counseling

Addressing issues of communication, intimacy, betrayal and trust to foster a more rewarding and authentic relationship.

Helping couples reconnect. The price of relationship is vulnerability. When relationships are vulnerable they carry equal potential for joy and suffering. Nowhere do we become more easily blinded to finding our own way. The person you want to turn to for help may be seen as an enemy. Your natural urge for self-protection can cut you off from the very heart of your relationship. Untangling these sometimes painful issues is delicate work which I approach with care and respect. You can restore your relationship to harmony.


Trauma and Specific Phobias (EMDR)
Coping with Life Changes
Issues of the Heart and Spirit

If you are struggling to find relief from inner suffering, if you find yourself unable to attain your goals, or if you are not living in accord with your values, it may be time to look inside more deeply. This is a courageous act. Our exploration will be carried out collaboratively, with respect for that courage. I always bear in mind that you are a unique individual and the issues you face are uniquely personal.